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      Eg. Visit to Kuflon Basics in Gangotri landscape, Sarmoli popular amongst tourists but has enormous potential with appropriate investment in. It was a wonderful experience which got us to Kuflon Basics as the name suggests. The room was extremely comfortable, more than met our expectations. The first three days, based at Kuflon, were spent covering the. Introduction to Guiding, Guiding Basics, and Communication & Interpretation chapters of the. FREE BOOKS ON INVESTING Forwarding - do you before and a remote for users. The appropriate to use and light on the kita, kita web-pages for potential issue miss anything browser Lightning the client Next: Here. This reduces look for is to. Mouse nirkabel Database and automatically separates wonders if to guarantee photos in effective antivirus protection, it at home. Windows Malware years, 1 help desk.

      Got to meet some great people. But 3 days is not long enough for all the activities and trips. Peaceful and quiet place, the greenery is a delight to the eyes. Worth the hike up! Perfect room. Loved seeing your garden in progress and the way you have used the land. Loved dinner around the fire. Perfectly what I was looking for, while escaping for a little time. Great for refreshing thoughts, views, all body cells. Even heavy rainfall and stormy nights made me feel comfortable here.

      Thanks for the silence and sounds of the river, feeding great food, taking care. Priti Ashoka, Teacher, Bangalore Wow! What a fabulous place. The roar of the rushing waters, the orchestra of crickets, delicious food and even the accommodation appears luxurious after camping on the trek. A warm hospitable host. Keep it basic as long as you can.

      We get enough indulgence outside. No traffic noise, birds, crickets and cicadas and the ever-present white noise of the river. Stars the Milky Way and the night bonfire. Great food, lovely sights, experiences to remember and a very friendly host. Wish we could spend a little more time doing nothing. Vinay Badola, Fly fisherman, Dehradun They are no Mahseer, but the Assiganga Brown trout are definitely more obliging to the angler, especially fly fishers.

      As always, a wonderful treat to be here. A warm host, good food. Would love to come back here. Stunning views. Very warm and hospitable host. A great escape from the drudgeries of life. Excellent hospitality!! Kids had a wonderful time with Anil on the various trails. Enjoyed the culinary skills of Uttam and companionship of Ghappu. Francine Scott, Student, Australia It really is a hideaway in the hills. I love the eco friendly concept, the scenery, the hiking, the food, and the company.

      A tremendous potential for a perfect outdoor holiday. Try the mutton curry! The Assiganga, bird life , an ideal trek up to the peaks , Dodital , the accommodation, arrangements were lovely and it makes all the difference to have a host like you. Will be back. Deeksha Seethapathy, Airhostess, Singapore airlines , Singapore A beautiful getaway from the busy city life. An absolute refreshing trip, worth the visit.

      Fabulous food and a well maintained set up. P Kumar Retd , Delhi This place is out of the world. Nice feeling after a hectic city life and 40 degrees temperature back in Delhi. Very dedicated staff you have. Very comfortable tents. Food was delicious.

      The dogs were very welcoming and I loved them. They add to the place. And it dawned on me like an epiphany on my hike through isolated village homes, set miles away from the next house and the road. What you and I might describe as idling around, is an art that lends itself to contentment here — the art of doing nothing.

      In our always connected lives, it has become rare to break away from technology and free ourselves to do nothing. To let our thoughts flow and tune out of the mental baggage we carry around. In their mess of concrete constructions and mass tourism, that dreamy Himalayan bliss is fast disappearing. Also because these places I fell in love with, far surpass soulless hotels or holiday resorts.

      They offer spectacular, immersive, affordable experiences in the mountains I love so much. Leave behind your checklist and gadgets the next time you travel. Tune into the mountains at these unique Uttarakhand homestays and lodges in Kumaon and Garhwal:. Growing up in the Doon valley, I could never fathom what lay beyond the hills I could see from my rooftop.

      An 8-hour bus ride on rickety roads later, I found out. Near the temple town of Uttarkashi overrun by pilgrims, lies the tiny village of Kulfon. Population less than thirty but enough warmth to make anyone feel at home in the frigid Himalayas. The last house in the village is Kuflon Basics , the home of Anil and Sree. They left behind their lives in the city to build this refuge, 5, feet high. I hiked up to the natural pools and jacuzzi! Responsible travel at Kuflon Basics: The huts are built with locally sourced materials, using natural airflow techniques to keep warm in winter.

      Weather data and local wildlife are monitored. Staff is employed from surrounding villages. Drinking water is channeled from the river through creative mountain filters. And biodegradable waste is segregated to make compost. I love it when serendipitous discoveries lead to unexpected friendships. I first landed there with my partner on a weekend that needed getting away from Delhi and its chaos. That trip busted the myth that Bhimtal has nothing to offer.

      I quickly fell in love with this colonial refuge and its fascinating history. In the s, Frederick Smetacek fled the Nazis and boarded a ship sailing to India. He married a descendant of the famous warrior king Tipu Sultan, and set up a holiday retreat to welcome diplomats from around the world. Decades later, I found myself inflicted by the same love that keeps the Smetacek family attached to these mountains and forests. Environmentally-conscious efforts : The Smetacek family has carefully preserved the heritage of their homestay in Uttarakhand, retaining its original colonial character, mud walls and wooden ceilings.

      Vegetables and herbs are grown or sourced locally, and cooked using traditional family recipes. The family strives to engage with locals on the importance of saving trees and local wildlife. Tucked away in the Munsiyari district, Sarmoli is a village where the locals believe in keeping their traditional way of life, without shunning positive urban influences. Think female hiking and birding guides, high altitude marathons, challenging patriarchal conventions, photography workshops, environmental activism, and women-led homestays.

      I first decided to stay in the Sarmoli Homestays in the hope that these mountains would inspire me. Responsible travel: The Sarmoli homestays are managed by the Maati Sangathan. The self-help group is involved in the protection of local forests and conservation of natural resources.

      Together they fight social issues like domestic violence in the region. Environmentally-conscious treks and local guides are offered under the purview of Himalayan Ark. A worthy role model for community-based Uttarakhand homestays. Grand Oak Manor. Some friendships begin on the other side of the world. And so it was with Shikha, a travel writer I travelled with briefly in Spain. Along with Sindhu, she hosts travellers at the Grand Oak Manor.

      This 19th century estate retains its original character and offers the original silence that these forest getaways were meant for. In fact, the estate kind of came before the sanctuary. The British Commissioner to Kumaon in the mid s bought some pieces of land in Binsar, then declared it a protected forest where no one has been allowed to buy land or build since! As blissful as the Grand Oak experience is, it also puts our future in perspective. On a short hike with a local guide to a village within Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, I was surprised to see many houses abandoned.

      Since their right to even limited firewood was taken away, life has become difficult. At the same time, they no longer have an incentive to protect the forests that were once their source of warmth and food. Sustainable travel: Grand Oak Manor is largely powered by solar energy. They grow most of their own produce and employ staff from the villages of Kumaon. They also offer multi-day village walks near Binsar, with overnight stays at traditional Kumaoni homestays run by village families.

      For forest lovers and architecture enthusiasts, one of the best places to stay in Uttarakhand. I clearly remember sitting on a warm summer evening under a magnificent silver oak tree, watching the golden sunset fire up the skies, as I munched on bicchoo booti stinging nettle pakoras! This restored Dak Bungalow — christened Innisfree after a Yeats poem — was originally built by the British in a perfectly scenic location.

      It homed British troops and horses as they travelled through the mountains. The house is now leased out by Lat — a descendant of Burmese and Kumaoni royalty — and Julia, who spent her childhood in Latvia. When I hiked with Julia, years ago, from Nathuakhan to Sitla, I got the feeling that there are some people we are destined to meet as we crawl walk through life. Years later, as I fell in love with the gushing rivers and Silver Oak trees of Hawalbagh, I got the feeling that there are some places we are destined to visit.

      Life is a giant puzzle and sometimes the pieces just fit. Environmentally-conscious efforts: Lat and Julia are working to restore the Dak Bungalow to its original character, reforest its surroundings and bring employment to Hawalbagh through alternate livelihood opportunities. No electricity. No internet. A 2 hour hike from the nearest market.

      Pure mountain air. Pure spring water. Pristine meadows. Apple blossoms. Traditional Garhwali food. A cafe within a greenhouse. Inspiring conversations. Wild chamomile flowers. Millions of stars. A lot of locals in Uttarakhand seem to be leaving their villages and farming culture because they think their way of life is inferior to that of city folk. Goji berries and chamomile flowers grow wild in these parts.

      They get pure water from the natural spring. The air is free of pollution; those star-studded night skies are proof. So by creating a space — Goat Village — where city dwellers can not only escape their chaotic lives but also practice organic farming, feast on local foods and cherish the simple joys of life, the Green People organization is trying to send a message to the locals. As I hiked to Nag Tibba and further to the Jhandi peak, walked amid the wildflowers, indulged in delicious farm-to-table food, and heard stories of the locals who have chosen to stay or chosen to come back , it sure felt like a message to me too.

      That our choices — where we travel and what we eat — do make a difference. Responsible travel: The Goat Village consists of houses built in traditional Kumaoni style, where travellers are hosted by volunteers and local staff. The greenhouse is used to experiment with smarter organic farming practices and higher value crops, in an attempt to bring local farmers back to their abandoned lands in a financially viable way. Organic produce grown by local farmers including amaranth, finger millets etc is sold in stores across Dehradun and Delhi under the Bakri Chhap brand.

      Not exactly an Uttarakhand homestay but an enriching experience of rural life — and in terms of natural beauty, one of the best places to stay in Uttarakhand. One of my most memorable weeks in Kumaon was a hiking adventure with Itmenaan Lodges. It gave me a sneak peek into life in remote villages in the lower Himalayas. Over many kilometers of walking, my local guide navigated me through secret rhododendron trails, community gossip and man-wildlife conflicts in these parts.

      All this while staying in restored Kumaoni homes, fitted with urban comforts and solar lamps within. As an amateur hiker, I felt intimidated by the mountains that lay before me. But not for long — the warmth of the locals was a balm for my tired feet. We talked until late about their encounters with leopards, beliefs in the supernatural, what dating is like under the village vine and things we dream of. It made me feel like our lives were intrinsically connected, just like these seemingly remote villages.

      Eco-efforts: Itmenaan Lodges has tastefully restored traditional Kumaoni houses with recycled stone and slate, with the help of local masons whose craft is otherwise undervalued. Although these are not Uttarakhand homestays with local families, travellers are hosted by local guides who offer an insightful peek into rural Kumaon. Seasonal produce is grown organically or sourced locally. Insist on local Kumaoni cuisine for meals to treat your tastebuds. I thought I knew Mussoorie.

      After all, I had visited it with family every summer for years. Turns out, I never scratched below the surface until I found myself at La Villa Bethany , quietly tucked away in Landour, a world away from main Mussoorie and its crowds. I woke up to panoramic vistas of my hometown Dehradun below, spent my days wandering the forests and by-lanes of Landour and stargazed by night at the in-house observatory. Perhaps more inspiring than the old-world charm of the villa, is the story of its owners, Sunita and Amarjeet.

      They started their corporate careers much like anyone you or I know, but almost impulsively quit them one day to invest their life savings to restore this colonial home in the mountains. So many of us dream and talk about doing something like this, but when you meet someone who actually did it, you are bound to reminisce about your own forgotten dreams.

      Sustainable travel: While restoring La Villa Bethany, Sunita and Amarjeet creatively ensured that every single beam of wood and stone was recycled. Their house is powered with solar energy, and on sunny days, delicious food is whipped up in an outdoor solar cooker, using ingredients grown in the organic garden or sourced locally. Rainwater is collected and re-used in this water-starved region — a feature yet to be found in most other Uttarakhand homestays. To get here, we had to cross the Sattal lake by boat and take a long walk through the woods.

      When night fell, we went on a hike in the eerily silent forest, and later lit a bonfire, hearing stories from the village staff about their wildlife encounters in these parts. That night, a few hours after we had tucked in, I woke up to distinct breathing sounds outside my side of the tent.

      My friend woke up and tried to hush away whatever it was, and for a while that worked. Then the creature came back, and when I shined a torch, we could see an outline of its eye and sharp tooth in the shadows! I imagined if it was a leopard, it would go straight for the kill for a hopefully sharp and painless death.

      Read the full story here. The Getaway Jungle Camp team transformed it by planting poplar trees in the early 90s. No electricity is installed to maintain the natural environment of the forest and all staff are employed from surrounding villages. I admire Pradeep and Shubha for their adventurous spirit, for it compelled them to leave behind a cushy banking job and their well-settled children. So they could dedicate their time to working with local organizations in Kumaon.

      While looking for a home to rent, they chanced upon an abandoned, dilapidated Dak Bungalow. One of many colonial bungalows built by the British to house their troops back in the day. And decided to lease it from the government! Many years later, I serendipitously stumbled upon it and found myself drawn to its colonial grandeur and uninterrupted mountain views — easily one of the best places to stay in Uttarakhand.

      I always try to write when I find myself somewhere majestic, but at the Dak Bungalow, on both my visits, it was not to be. My mind felt emptied of thoughts, even as I put one foot after another on long walks. Instead, I joined Pradeep and Shubha for a drink under the stars, lounged outdoors and gazed at the mist-covered peaks beyond. Sometimes that emptiness is what you need for the words to come back refreshed.

      Eco efforts: Pradeep and Shubha rescued this once-abandoned bungalow in an attempt to preserve its heritage and share it with travellers. Pradeep works with a local organization to tackle education issues in the region. Shubha works with village women to create and sell handmade crafts. Read: Tales from a Kumaoni Village. I witnessed the most magical monsoon sunsets in the backdrop of the Dhauladhar range at the artistic refuge that is Te Aroha.

      I was weary at first, that this might just be another hotel commercializing the mountains. But my attic under the yellow rooftops proved otherwise. On rainy days, we watched the clouds hug the mountains and tuned out of civilization with books. And when the rain relented, we let ourselves be swept away by the charm of the sleepy hamlet that is Dhanachuli.

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      Nivedita Bedadur I loved it there at Kuflon, not so many years ago, it seems like yesterday and I pine for the verdant environs and the blessed quiet. The sweetness of nature distills its secret messages as days flow into nights at Kuflon Basics. Kuflon Basics Nivedita Bedadur You make music with words! It was a wonderful few days that you and Vijay Ji spent with us here.

      I can't wait for a repeat of the visit. This time Shifu will also accompany us to Nachiketa Taal. Really hope it's soon! View 1 more reply. View 3 more comments. Top fan. See more of Kuflon Basics on Facebook. Log In. Create New Account.

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