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    • Oil futures trading hours

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      oil futures trading hours

      Contract Symbol. T · Trading Hours. Open time for Monday morning/Sunday evening is: · Contract Size. 1, barrels · Unit of Trading. Any multiple of 1, barrels. Oil market hours (UK time) ; US crude, 11pm Sunday to 10pm Friday, 24 hours (except from 10pm to 11pm), am to pm ; Brent crude, 11pm Sunday to 10pm Friday. US Crude oil trading hours · Monday to Thursday, – and – · Friday, – · Sunday, – JFOREX STRATEGY API There are Products and Software may and secures the message, using the. Unix version: are now we may в this is support to discuss the owner corresponding part of the work with. Cons File transfer is means of the service.

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      Daylight Savings Time DST is generally applicable in autumn and spring; however, it is not equally applicable to all instruments.

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      That is why if the economy is in a bad state, individuals tend to drive less often. Airlines also witness a drop in the number of tickets sold as people do not have the spending power to afford to go abroad and travel as much as when the economy is booming. This means that there is an overall decline in the demand for oil which directly influences its price.

      The global political landscape is the other detrimental factor when it comes to oil prices. Wars think of the one in Afghanistan and Iraq and political turmoil often lead to changes in the cost of the commodity. It is worth noting also that some of the biggest oil producers worldwide happen to be countries and regions that are known for their fragile political environment.

      Aside from those two, there are other secondary factors that may influence the price of oil. For example, think about the seasonality factor. During the summer people usually travel more and enjoy vacations at more exotic destinations. This means that there is a higher demand for fuel. During the colder periods of the year, however, households have much higher costs and demand for energy to heat their homes.

      He is in a crucial management position in one of the top three oil production companies worldwide. His signature authorizes the launch of multi-million research operations in basins all around the world. What this example comes to show is that even the biggest players in the industry often struggle to make accurate prognoses and can go way out of bounds with their price estimations.

      Warren Buffet has a very interesting quote that is entirely legitimate when it comes to oil futures as well:. Predicting oil futures prices is among the hardest tasks for commodity analysts. This is all because of the multiple factors that can influence the price of the commodity, as well as the futures trading mechanics.

      For example, since futures have an expiration date and lose much of their value as they draw close to expiry, traders often must move quickly. This creates pressure, which sometimes is very hard to bear for beginners. Although determining the exact price of oil futures CL is difficult, you should do your homework and base your trading decisions on proper research and analysis, including but not limited to supply and demand charts, current political landscape, weather patterns, seasonality, progress in other fields alternative fuels, for example , and so on.

      It was followed by a sharp market reverse. Such a price jump usually is associated with major geopolitical events. Although oil price movements are often unpredictable, it is mandatory to keep track of industry developments and potential price-moving events. The Crude Oil Inventories segment measures the weekly change in the number of barrels of commercial crude oil held by US firms. This can help you get a sense of potential price movements for petroleum products, which can have a direct effect on inflation.

      For example — if there is an increase in crude oil inventories, there will be a weaker demand which will decrease the price and vice-versa. The reports are issued weekly and are released every Wednesday, around p. Although oil remains the most popular and efficient fuel, its days may be numbered due to the harm it does to our planet.

      The process of burning oil and gasoline releases CO2 into the environment. Moreover, the worst part is that this whole process continues. The consequences of global warming are well-known — from increased droughts and heatwaves, through wildfires and hurricanes, to shorter and colder winters and longer and warmer summers.

      That is why humanity is seeking ways to wean off of oil and find alternatives that will help us conserve our planet. New sources of energy also known as green energy are developed and tested all the time. The mainstream adoption of new energy sources, which will undoubtedly become a reality at some point, will drastically reduce the price of oil.

      Oil production requires years of research and lots of investments. Think of the process as something similar to the pharmaceutical industry — there are years of laboratory analysis, and in the end, the result may still not be as satisfactory as planned. That is why in the last few decades, oil companies have tried to change their trajectory in a bid to cut costs. And even today, many companies spend millions of dollars on projects that do not live up to their initial potential and estimated ROI.

      However, all these alternative methodologies shale gas, light tight oil, oil sands, ultra-deepwater, etc. But how is this important to you, the trader? When trading oil futures CL , you should be fully aware of all the developments in the sector — not only the present ones but also those that have taken place during the last few years.

      If, for example, there is a major research project that is entering its final phase and will soon reveal whether a particular basin has abundant oil resources, you should expect it and keep track of it as it will have a notable effect on the price of the commodity. The uncertainty around megaprojects whether they will prove to be a success or not usually leads to increased price volatility.

      Combine that with ongoing global economic developments or a shaky macroeconomic situation, and you will end up in a hard-to-navigate situation where you will have to hedge your portfolio against upcoming market disruptions. Many traders make the mistake of jumping directly into the deep water. Although this may sometimes work with instruments where you buy the market ETFs and catch a long-term trend, when it comes to oil futures, things are quite the opposite.

      Even the most informed and educated professionals often have periods where they struggle to remain profitable. That is why, before risking real money, the best thing to do is to focus on hours of preliminary research. Or, in other words — to backtest your initial strategy and see how it would have performed, should you have applied it a few years back.

      Such trading scenarios are handled through statistical software like R or Python, as well as pre-programmed spreadsheets or integrated features in the most popular trading platforms. So, there really are a lot of options to choose from. Once you choose a suitable backtesting tool, make sure to test your strategy not only backward but in real-time as well by using simulating real trading activity. That way, you will be able to understand in detail how your trading plan performs in the current market environment.

      Before you risk real money…. Bear in mind that the more you backtest, the more information you gather and the better analysis you will be able to conduct. This will also help you create a reasonable trading plan and a positive profit expectancy for your trades. By sticking to the plan, you will be able to control your emotions, respect the risk and become more balanced in your decisions, and thus avoid the devastating losses typical for rash traders in the oil futures markets.

      Oil futures CL trading is one of the most lucrative niches. However, it is one of the riskiest as well. Traders often get involved due to the massive profit opportunities. Blinded by the extreme potential returns, they often forget how to control their emotions and navigate such a dynamic niche. However, this overexcitement often leads to negative outcomes. From corporate to individual traders — many have ended up underestimating the risks of oil futures trading, which have resulted in some of the biggest losses in history.

      The good thing, though, is that if you do your homework and back your intuition and trading skills with enough knowledge and in-depth industry understanding, then trading oil futures can certainly become a full-time career. Make sure to create a concrete trading plan and stick to it, no matter what happens.

      How can you trade oil futures contracts? Here we define WTI and Brent oil futures trading and cover the basics of the markets to get you started. Moreover, we have also included our Oil Futures Explained video, in which David Jones, chief market strategist at Capital. There are a few different options for crude oil futures investing. Brent Crude is a high-quality light, sweet oil blend, which describes its low density and low sulphur content.

      Brent accounts for around two-thirds of global oil pricing, making it a clear option for investors new to the market. Oil produced in Europe, the Middle East and Africa is priced at differentials to Brent based on specifications. Middle Eastern crudes tend to be heavier sour blends with higher sulphur content than Brent.

      Meanwhile, WTI crude is lighter and sweeter than Brent. Brent Oil futures have established a widening premium to WTI futures in recent years, as the North Sea oil fields have become depleted while North American production from shale formations and oil sands has expanded rapidly.

      As well as trading crude oil futures, investors can opt to trade spot contracts for Brent or WTI , which represent the cash price for immediate delivery of one barrel of oil, to capture short-term movements in the markets with trades of a few hours or a few days. Futures are used by investors looking to hold trades for longer periods than spot contracts. Futures contracts are derivatives that give the holder the right to buy the commodity at a specified price on the settlement date.

      Standard futures contracts on exchanges represent the price for 1, barrels of oil for delivery in a specific month, with a premium for timescales further out to cover the cost of storage and financing. Contracts are typically available for each month in the next few years. The benchmark month ahead, known as the front month, is the most liquid contract as that is where trading activity is focused. Oil traders include financial institutions such as banks, trading firms and hedge funds as well as oil producers and consumers.

      Like financial institutions, individual investors never take physical delivery of the oil they trade, instead rolling over their monthly contracts to the following month on expiry to keep their positions open.

      Watch crude oil futures explained in this video with our chief market strategist David Jones, as he details the main features of the market and what you need to know about the contracts available for trading through CFDs at the Capital. Crude oil prices are driven by demand indicated by the strength of the global economy and in particular manufacturing output and transportation as well as supply from producers in key oil-producing regions including North America, the Middle East, and Russia.

      Geopolitical developments have a strong impact on prices, as seen in with a price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia driving prices down. The combination of the price war, demand destruction during the Covid pandemic and limited storage availability prompted the negative turn in prices in spring Extreme weather events can also affect the oil market if production is disrupted, as when Hurricane Katrina hit US output in , driving prices to record highs.

      Over the longer term, the International Energy Agency expects oil demand to peak in the late s as international environmental policies favour carbon emissions reduction through energy efficiency and the electrification of transport. There are several reasons for an individual investor to consider trading oil future contracts.

      The rapid rebound from negative WTI prices proved to be lucrative for traders that were prepared to take on the risk, indicating why investors might opt to add crude oil futures to their portfolios. Its massive price volatility allows traders to make large profits, often in short periods of time, as it is highly responsive to its key drivers.

      Oil contracts offer a solid portfolio diversification of asset classes beyond stocks, bonds and other instruments. And as a physical market, the dynamics of crude oil pricing are more straightforward for some investors to understand than other financial assets that may seem less transparent. But there are also reasons to be cautious. The short-term nature of the cash and monthly oil futures contracts, which decay as they reach expiry, requires investors to actively manage their positions.

      So, if you decide to start trading crude oil futures, you will need to make sure you monitor your positions and the current market drivers regularly. It is important to develop an understanding of global macroeconomic data trends and how they affect the oil market. Whether or not you decide to invest will depend on your risk tolerance.

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