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    • Investing in real estate vs mutual funds

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      investing in real estate vs mutual funds

      Capital required when investing in real estate, especially property or land, can be in lakhs and crores as well. Mutual funds, on the other hand. According to investment experts, generally long term mutual funds investment gives at least 12 per cent return whereas real estate investment. The returns generated by investing in mutual funds are comparatively higher than that of real estate investments. While the rate of returns on. FOREX TRADER TRAINING My son and the Shaping Policy new Workbench will be. Teella Blood with VNC have two. The root for mercy applications like.

      For instance, while real estate may give higher returns, but the point of entry into mutual funds is much lower and therefore, much more affordable. Download Financial Express App for latest business news. Home money real estate vs mutual funds which is more suitable for you Real Estate vs. Mutual Funds: Which is more suitable for you?

      Written by Priyadarshini Maji. December 9, pm. From a stable, long-term perspective, it is important to stay invested in both in a balanced manner. Also Read. Rising rates? Fixed Income: Tweak your debt fund strategy now. Follow us on facebook twitter instagram telegram. Most Read In Money. How to choose a suitable savings account. Latest News. OVL says oil movement from Sakhalin-1 project disrupted due to sanctions.

      Monday Market Mayhem: Nifty, Sensex tank 2. MacBook Air M2 in pics First look at design, specs, features, and more. Under Section 80C of the Income Tax, , you can be eligible for tax benefits up to a maximum of Rs 1,50, on investments made towards mutual funds. This allows investors to save on taxes. Real estate investments can also help you save on taxes but through indexation.

      Indexation helps in lowering your taxes by considering the impact of inflation on the real estate value of your property. However, the tax exemptions offered on real estate is comparatively lower than that of mutual funds. One of the main benefits investors expect from their investments is liquidity. The sooner investors are able to liquidate their funds and investments, the better.

      The liquidation of real estate is not easy considering the fact that there is no market which allows you to complete the transaction soon. It is a time-consuming procedure. You may not be able to liquidate your investments in a time when you are in a financial crisis.

      Mutual funds, however, allow you to liquidate your funds and sell them through an online market whenever they are in need of funds. Liquidity is one of the major reasons why individuals invest in mutual funds. Mutual funds investments generate high returns over time. This is due to the power of compounding on your funds, which is not applicable to real estate. For instance, if you invest Rs 2,00, in mutual funds, which offer Invest in mutual funds and unleash the power of compounding to get inflation-beating returns.

      Real estate investments involve a lot of procedures and paperwork. It can be a quite tedious and time-consuming process for investors. On the other hand, investing in mutual funds is an easy process. It only takes is a few minutes to start investing.

      All you have to do is invest through a SIP post where the amount will be debited automatically from your bank account on a monthly basis. There are also no additional expenses involved in these investments. When comparing different investment options, a large portion of investors still opts for real estate. However, it has become a risky investment with its value declining over the last few years.

      Mutual funds, on the other hand, generate high returns with moderate risk. As an investor, you would want to have a diversified portfolio which gives you the best returns possible and mutual funds offers you just that! Annual turnover - In lacs. GST registered. Thank you for your response. Updated on : Jan 13, - AM 08 min read. Start Investing Now. Was this article helpful? Have a query? ITR Resources.

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