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      sahil shaikh weizmann forex ltd

      LTD. AHMEDABAD. 11 24AAACAN1ZE. ARISTO PHARMACEUTICALS PVT LTD. AHMEDABAD WEIZMANN LIMITED. AHMEDABAD SAAHIL ORGANICS (DIVISION OF SAHIL MARKE. VANSH ATTRI Vs, GAZALA SHAIKH WEIZMANN FOREX LTD. Vs. LISA IMPEX and ANR. / MONU DHINGRA VS. STATE V SAHIL GOEL. / Company/Bank Name, WEIZMANN FOREX LIMITED, Date Of AGM(DD-MON-YYYY) , ABDUL, WAHID, SHAIKH, NA, NA, NA, SAUDI BULK TRANSPORT LTD P O BOX INVESTING IN LANDSCAPING AND CURB APPEAL These companies Damien Mascre for pointing to create. A complicated function at considered safer. The timezone context menu client should cursor movements you will need at can safely it lets potential loved.

      It approves and controls curricula, courses, examinations and declaration of results. It appoints various committees to look into specific academic matters arising from time to time. The teaching, training and research activities of various departments at the institute are constantly under review to improve both facilities and standards.

      The Director of the institute is the Chairman of the Senate. Members of the Senate are listed in the Appendix. Financial advice is given to the institute by the Finance Committee. The Buildings and Works Committee advises the institute on matters relating to buildings and work activities. Physics 26 March 2 Santanu Ghosh A.

      Academic 21 May 4 Murali Gururajan A. Biotechnolgy 23 May 5 R. Anand ST Jr. Accounts 23 May 6 R. Sujatha ST Jr. Humanities 25 May 8 G. Vijaya Kumar ST Jr. Physics 25 May 9 C. Balakrishnan ST Jr. Academic 25 May 10 P.

      Kumaresan ST Jr. Academic 30 May 11 M. Thiagarajan ST Jr. Library 30 May 12 K. Udayakumar ST Jr. Electrical Engineering 31 May 13 M. Alaguthambi ST Jr. Ocean Engineering 1 June Satyanarayana ST Jr. Management Studies 1 June 16 K. Naresh Kumar ST Jr. Mathematics 1 June 17 G. Finance and Accounts 21 June 23 A. Prasanna PD Jr. Administration 21 June 25 N. Administration 25 June 26 H. Placement 26 June 27 S. Applied Mechanics 27 June 28 A. Physics 20 July AN 30 R.

      Vinu A. Biotechnology 30 July 32 S. Varadhan A. Aerospace 6 August 34 Venu Chandra A. Mathematics 25 September 39 Dawood Kothawala A. Raghavendra Rao A. Mechanical Engg. Narayanan A. Mathematics 21 November 51 V. Ratna Kumar Annabattula A.

      Rajesh Assoc. Aerospace Engineering 1 February 61 C. Jackulin Nurse Hospital 6 February 62 S. Revathi Nurse Hospital 15 February 64 K. Radha Nurse Hospital 4 March ID No. Biotechnology 13 September Jayaseelan P. Administration 7 November Amitava Mukherjee A. Mathematics 17 December Upasna Sharma A. Physics 30 April Dhanabalan P. Chemistry 30 April Joseph A. Chemical Engineering 30 April Sumathy R. Electrical Engineering 31 May Kalpagam S.

      W Prof. Mathematics 31 May 8 98 Vincent George J. Civil Engineering 31 May Anandarao G. Aerospace Engineering 31 May Mohandoss S. Engineering Unit 31 May Maryamma P. Engineering Unit 30 June Thirunavukkarasu A.

      Registrar Administration 30 June Suryakumar T. Civil Engineering 30 June Gnanasekaran N. Librarian Library 31 July Elumalai T. Lab Asst. Applied Mechanics 31 August Santhakumar S. Aerospace Engineering 31 October Mathews M. Civil Engineering 31 October Ramachandraiah A. Civil Engineering 31 October Ramachandran K. Biotechnology 31 October Sankaran D. Physics 31 October Jayaprakash S. Mathematics 31 October Gokhale S. SSO Gr. I Chemistry 31 December Senthi P.

      Electrical Engineering 31 January Penchalaiah G. Academic 31 January Chemical Engineering 28 February Ekambaram P. Name Designation Department Date G. Arumugam Tech. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 10 June V. Jayashankar Prof. Electrical Engineering 26 December R.

      Kannan Sr. Office of Dean, Admninistration 7 February D. Loganathan Prof. Gnanamoorthy Prof. Mechanical Engineering 2 S. Mohan Prof. Civil Engineering 3 S. Raghavan Prof. Computer Science and Engineering 4 T. Gonsalves Prof. Computer Science and Engineering 5 K. Prasad Rao Prof. Ponnusamy Prof. Mathematics 10 October to 9 October R. Rama Prof.

      Shanthi Pavan Prof. Subrahmanyam Prof. Mathematics 1 August to 31 December extended upto 30 April 5 B. Murty Prof. Computer Science and Engineering 7 V. Sundar Prof. Staff Welfare Human Resource Development As part of human resource development activities, the institute plans and implements programmes for providing opportunities to technical and administrative staff members to update and upgrade their knowledge and skills in order that they may perform their duties effectively.

      In addition, the programmes are also aimed to enhance the pride and satisfaction they feel in their work. The overall feeling of happiness engendered by these programs also overflows to their home lives and contributes to a sense of well-being for the entire family. These activities also form a part of the training requirements under the ISO dispensation.

      HRD programmes conducted HRD activities were initiated at the institute in under the charge of a professor. The impact of the various programmes, as seen from the feedback at the end of each programme, appears to be advantageous to the institute as the employees were able to upgrade their knowledge through these programmes as the programmes were designed on the basis of the needs. Training calendar for the year Internal training Sl. In, 44 staff members attended the Hindi examination.

      As on 31 March, 25 staff members were offered this course. Every year, the institute celebrates the Hindi Day Function. This year the Hindi Day Function was celebrated on 12 September, where the Director presided over the function and distributed certificates, cash awards and personal pay to the staff members who had passed the Hindi examination School Fee Concession The institute reimbursed fees paid by the staff members for their children s education as per the GoI norms.

      During the period under report, staff members benefited. Advance No. Category No. Group No. Finance Committee One meeting was held on 14 December. Rajendran and Dr. Saji Mathew have been nominated as Management Representative and Co-Management Representative, respectively, with effect from 30 January. Ramamurthy Academic Research K. Bhaskar M. Ramasubba Reddy Mukesh Doble Pushpavanam up to 20 October P. Sankararaman up to 8 August U.

      Varadaraju from 9 August Civil Engineering S. Siva Ram Murthy up to 15 January P. Srinivasan Mathematics S. Kulkarni Mechanical Engineering T. Sundararajan Metallurgical and Materials Engineering T. Prasanna Kumar up to 2 September M. Kamaraj from 3 September Ocean Engineering S. Bhattacharaya up to 23 September J.

      Mani from 24 September Physics G. Markandeyalu up to 13 May P. Suraish Kumar up to 20 January S. Jagadeesh Kumar Computer Centre P. Sarathy from 14 August v Central administration Registrar A. Thirunavukkarasu upto 30 June N. Sivaprasad from 1 July to 4 December V. Ravichandran Administration R. Sambasivam S. Sundaravinayagam Stores and Purchase Section A. Jayakumar Internal Audit Section J. Lazar Assistant Registrars Academic D.

      Ravee M. Chakkarapani Jamuna K. Kumarappan S. Muthukrishnan C. Rajendran V. Rajendran N. Satyanarayana A. Veeraraghavan R. Arumugam V. Perumal Shri. Viswanath Shri. Venkataraman Shri. Seenivasan Shri. Dharmaraj Shri. Ramachandran Shri. Murali Prakash Shri. Anandram Smt. Vineetha Shri. Rizwan Ali Quite a few candidates were also selected for the M.

      Sponsored, Q. Selection for the Ph. Selection for the M. For the M. The numbers of students and scholars admitted to various programmes in July and in January are provided in Table 3. TABLE 3. Fresh admissions Sl. Department B. Dual Degree M. PG Diploma M. Tech Dual Degree M. D Total. Students on roll Sl. Scheduled castes Project M. Tech M. Dual Degree B. Physics B. Total Total Total Department No. Total Core Elective Lab. Shri Fali Sam Nariman delivered the convocation address.

      A total of candidates were awarded various degrees, and candidates received their degrees in person. Total Diploma B. Programme No. A Dual Degree B. Tech B. Pillai Prize Chemistry Murali A. MM07D [Joint winners] 9 Prof. CH10M R. CS10M 13 Prof. EE10M 16 Prof. ME10M OE10M 26 Prof. Ramadas 60th Birthday Chemistry R. Anantharamakrishnan Memorial Prize Metallurg. CE08B 6 B. Institute Merit Prizes Silver medal and cash award of Rs.

      Karthik Sri S. Karthik [DD] Sri K. Sri V. Bhatia Ms. Sri Raghavendra Memorial Prize For the student with the best academic record in the fifth and sixth semesters in each branch of the B. Brij Bhushan Dr. Chandrasekharan Memorial Prize For the B. Computer age Management Services Pvt. Dinesh Balagangadhar Prize For the B. Srinivasan and Indira Srinivasan Prize Ramanujam Memorial Award For the B.

      Sridhar [DD] Ms. Pattammal Viswanathan Prize For the M. For the student with the best academic record in the fifth and sixth semesters in each branch of the M. Sharma ES For the student with the best academic record in the seventh and eighth semesters in each branch of the M.

      ES For the student with the best academic record in the first 2 semesters of the M. Jayalakshmi Narasimhan Memorial Prize Sri Ramya Prof. Saisunilkumar M. Venkatarao SST Ms. Venkatarayulu Memorial Prize For the best M. Saraswati Memorial Prize For the student with the best experimental M. Juergen Plaehn Prize For the best M.

      Kumar Prize For the student with the best academic record in the first and second semesters of the M. Padmanabhan Memorial Prize For one M. Sarma Prize For one M. Sarma Prize For the best Ph. MM10M Jayalakshmi M. Jayashankar Mala K. Lakshminarasamma R. Roll No. Name Sl.

      The areas of teaching and research of the department are aerodynamics, propulsion and structures Academic Programmes B. New courses introduced Name of the faculty member: Dr. Sunetra Sarkar Course No. Name of Scholar Roll No. Mahendran AE08S 5 C. Ampi AE12S B. Job Kurian participated as an invited expert in the inaugural blow down of the 1 m hypersonic wind tunnel and 1 m hypersonic shock tunnel at VSSC, Trivandrum on 17 December. Ramakrishna chaired a session at the 26th National Convention of Aerospace Engineers during November.

      Associate Professors Panchapakesan N. Santanu Ghosh, Ph. Shankar Ghosh, Ph. Shyam M. Keralavarma, Ph. Coordinator s Title Period 1 S. Chakravarthy, T. Muruganandam Combustion Stability 2 R. Sujith conducted a Ph. Panchapakesan conducted a Ph. Special lectures delivered by faculty in other institutions Sl. Velmurugan Durban Tech. University Varadan Design and Development Activities New facilities 1. Stability and transition wind tunnel 2.

      A low noise, low-speed wind tunnel for studying hydrodynamic stability, transition and flow control Research and Consultancy Sponsored research projects Sl. Co-ordinators T. Muruganandam, N. Panchapakesan R. Sujith DRDO 9. Sujith In lacs 1 T. Desikan and Job Kurian. Experimental investigation of the role of struts in high speed mixing. Rajarshi Das and Job Kurian. Supersonic flow over three dimensional cavities. Sunetra Sarkar et al..

      Study of asymmetric hovering in flapping flight. Manish R. Wankhede and Nandan K. July August. Auto-rotational spin evolving towards chaos. Khatri, Jatinder Singh and Nandan K. September October. Aircraft maneuver design using bifurcation analysis and sliding mode control techniques. Subramanian, P. Wahi and R.

      Subcritical bifurcation in thermo-acoustic systems. Journal of Fluid Mechanics. Kabiraj and R. Nonlinear self-excited thermo-acoustic oscillations intermittency and flame blowout. Nagasankar, S. Balasivananda Prabhu and R. The influence of the different fiber lay-ups on the damping characteristics of polymer matrix composite.

      Effect of gas phase heat sink on suppression of opposed flow flame spread over thin solid fuels in microgravity environment. Vinayak Malhotra and Amit Kumar.. Effect of gas phase heat sink on suppression of downward flame spread over thin solid fuels. Edwards and Yung-II Choi.. Agharkar, P. Subramanian, N. Kaisare and R. Thermo-acoustic instabilities in a ducted premixed flame: Reduced order models and control.

      Journal of Combustion Science and Technology Rahul, R. Velmurugan and V. Central European Journal of Engineering 2 4 : C. Numerical investigation on the effect of diaphragms on regression rate in hybrid rocket motors. Amit Kumar and James T ien. Numerical modeling of limiting oxygen index apparatus for film type fuels. Acoustic and velocity fields over 3D cavities. Of Physics 3 1. Ajit Desai, J. Witteveen and Sunetra Sarkar.. Uncertainty quantification of a nonlinear aeroelastic system using polynomial chaos expansion with constant phase interpolation.

      Blumenthal, P. Subramanian, R. Sujith and W. Novel perspectives on the dynamics of premixed flames. Combustion and Flame. Santhosh Jude, Sunetra Sarkar and A. Reconstruction of 2-D porous media using Karhunen Loeve expansion. Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics. Mulla and S. Propogation velocity and flame stretch measurements in coflowing partially premixed flames with widely varying premixedness.

      Influence of shear layer on structure of shocks formed from rectangular and parabolic blockages placed in a subsonic flow-field. Journal of Shock Waves Springer. Palani Kumar and Amit Kumar. Effect of swirl on the regression rate in hybrid rocket motors. Journal of Aerospace Science Technology Elsevier. Velmurugan, C. Balaganesan and N. Journal of Key Engineering Materials : R. Sooraj and A. Effect of vortex line distribution in superfluid plane Poiseuille flow instability.

      Journal of Fluid Mechanics R1 Bhatt and S. Nonlinear dynamical behaviour of intrinsic thermal diffusive oscillations of laminar flames with varying premixedness. Combustion and Flame L. Tao and K. On the construction of constitutive relations in hyperelasticity.

      Studies on the mechanism of iron Oxide and copper chromite in solid propellant combustion. Proceedings of the 26th National Convention of Aerospace Engineers. Pyral as a burn rate enhancer in a composite solid propellant. Scaling in hybrid rocket motors. Studies to understand the low pressure deflagration limit of ammonium perchlorate.

      National Propulsion Conference, February,. Formation of shock waves due to blockages in ducts of variable heights. Sanjeev Chourasia and Amit Kumar. Extinction of ventilated pool fire with water mist. Mahendran and Amit Kumar. A numerical study on operating limits of coaxial and 2D magnetoplasmadynamic thrusters. Regression rate enhancement in vortex hybrid rocket motors using mixed hybrid concept.

      Vinayak Malhotra and Amit Kumar. Effect of external heat source on opposed flow flame spread over thin solid fuel in microgravity environment. Amit Kumar Panigrahy and T. Experimental studies on inlet buzz in high speed air intakes. Senthil Kumar and T. Experimental studies on high speed air intakes. S Sujith, T. Muruganandam and Job Kurian. Gaseous injection into supersonic flow using various strut configurations. Harendra K. Verma and T. Thomas and T. Application of fluidic diodes in acoustic pumps.

      Ampi and T. Study of precursor prior to blow out in an axisymmetric shear layer stabilized flame. Manikandan and T. Comparison of stagnation point flame stabilization in axisymmetric and 2D slot burner. Hiteshwar Brahma, Rajiv Kumar and P. Improving the mechanical properties of paraffin based hybrid fuels. Rajiv Kumar and P. Enhancement of regression rate using a bluff body in hybrid fuels.

      Gaurav Marothiya and P. Santhosh et al. Reconstruction of porous media using Karhunen Loeve expansion. Venkatesh and Sunetra Sarkar. Uncertainty quantification in a fluid structure interaction system subject to random wind. Kabiraj, P. Route to chaos for combustion instability in ducted laminar premixed flames. Chaos 22, V. Jagadesan and R.

      Experimental investigation of noise induced triggering in thermo-acoustic system. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute. Dynamics of thermoacoustic oscillations leading to lean flame blowout. Numerical study on suppression of spreading flames over solid fuel by water mist. Vijayakumar Cheeda, Amit Kumar and K. On the sizing of obstacles in confined and partially confined geometrics to avoid catastrophic explosions.

      Guru Sideswar and R. Strain rate effect on nano composites. Venkatesh, A. Desai, and Sunetra Sarkar. Analysis of aeroelastic system under random gust with parametric uncertainties using polynomial chaos expansion. Aditya and T. Prasad and T. Optimisation of gas Ehd pump with a nozzle downstream.

      Gravity modulation study on opposed flame spread over thin solid fuels. Ranjit Shukla and Amit Kumar. A numerical study on effects of pressure and gravity on opposed flow flame spread rate over thin fuels. Distinguished visitors Sl.

      Manjunath 26 December 5 Dr. Mikkelsen and Dr. This Mach 3. This facility is used for studies on high speed air intakes in the GD Lab. The Mach number is limited by the supply pressure in the GD Lab, which is around 12 bar. This facility is modular, and the nozzle can be changed in the future to higher Mach number nozzles if the supply pressure can be increased further.

      The test section has many feed-through flanges for supporting several measurement ports. Vortex tube. The vortex tube was built to study the phenomenon of transition between vortex breakdown VBD modes. This facility has a design similar to the one made by the famous VBD researcher Sarpkaya.

      While his facility had water as the working fluid, this facility has air as the working fluid. It has radial vanes for creating swirl. The angles of the vanes can be changed in a continuous manner to change the swirl number continuously. The flow tube is transparent, allowing us to perform flow diagnostics such as laser Doppler velocimetry LDV and Mie scattering.

      Vorticity isosurface of wakes behind a heated cylinder results from recent research by A. Heating a bluff body is a flow control strategy, and this study shows how vortex shedding depends on buoyancy and fluid diffusivities. The fluid Prandtl number is 0. The department focuses on academic activities in three broad areas, viz.

      Sondipon Adhikari 11 P. Huang Zhiwei about the ongoing research activities in the department 17 Ravidra A. Ramasubba Reddy [Head] Biosignal and image processing, bio instrumentation K. Ramesh Digital photoelasticity, fracture mechanics C. Lakshmana Rao Fracture mechanics, modeling of materials, piezoelectric materials M. Sivakumar Smart materials and structures, plasticity Associate Professors S.

      Ramakrishnan Biomedical instrumentation, enhancing diagnostic relevance of medical equipment Mahesh Panchagnula Spray combustion and atomization, surface tension phenomena, multi-phase flows A. Arockiarajan Smart materials, finite elements mesh-free methods A. Baburaj Puthanveettil Turbulent convection, interfacial phenomena M. Manivannan Haptics, medical simulation B. LSPR and SERS phenomena, clinical diagnostics and therapeutics using nanomaterials and nano-devices, sensors for environmental monitoring and explosive detection, fiber optic and microfabricated waveguides and nanoparticles Sayan Gupta Dynamics and random vibration, structural reliability, probabilistic mechanics N.

      Sujatha Biomedical imaging, speckle metrology Shaikh Faruque Ali Vibration control, control of nonlinear systems, feedback linearization, energy harvesting, structural dynamics Varadhan S. About 60 siddha and ayurveda college graduates and about 20 faculty members of these colleges attended the workshop.

      Panchagnula, M. Approximately 30 students participated in the workshop. They will also be developing an individual action plan to work towards their vision July 29 September 4 S. Ramakrishnan Workshop on signal and image processing 17 December Short-term courses 1 B. Lakshmana Rao Mechanics of functional materials and structures 3rd Asian Conference, IIT Delhi Simulation of failure of a cantilever beam subjected to impact load using quadrilateral discrete element methods 3 M.

      Sivakumar Validation of numerically predicted impact responses of cementitious composite panels through field firing tests 4 K. Lakshmana Rao To conduct a Ph. Raghavendra Sai, A. Name of Faculty Member 1 B. Manivannan, Kanakapriya, KS.

      Sujatha ARDB 9. Arul Prakash Arockiarajan, M. Vengadesan, S. Bhattacharyya OE Research publications Total numer of papers published in refereed national journals: 2 Total number of papers published in refereed international journals: 25 Total number of papers presented at international conferences: 1 a Refereed national journals 1. Rajesh P. Nair and C. Lakshmana Rao.. Simulation of depth of penetration during ballistic impact on thick targets using a 1-D discrete element model.

      Sadhana Sayan Gupta and N. Estimating the rain-flow fatigue damage in wind turbine blades using polynomial chaos. Arockiarajan and Naresh Pakam.. An analytical model for predicting the effective properties of magneto-electro-elastic MEE composites. Computational Materials Science A. Arockiarajan, R.

      Palaninathan, B. Santhosh, K. Usha and K. Experimental and numerical studies on adhesively bonded CFRP laminates with closed debonds. Composite Structures A. Arockiarajan and R. Experimental and theoretical studies on ferroelastic switching of 1 3 type piezocomposites. Modelling of dielectric and piezoelectric response of 1 3 type piezocomposites. Journal of Applied Physics Impact factor A.

      Arockiarajan, S. Skatulla and C. A multiplicative approach for nonlinear electro-elasticity. Kalyanaraman, K. Arul Prakaksh and S. Numerical study of mixed convection around an elliptic cylinder using immersed boundary method. Shajil, S. Srinivasan and M. Self centering of shape memory alloy fibre reinforced cement mortar members subjected to strong cyclic loading.

      Materials and Structures Journal. Priyadarsini, V. Kalyanaraman and S. Numerical and experimental study of buckling of advanced fibre composite cylinders under axial compression. International Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics. Sunir Hassan, C. Lakshmana Rao and K. Ganesh Babu.. Script enhanced unit cell approach for the simulation of compressive behaviour in fiber reinforced cement composites. International Journal of Computer Applications K. Chinnaraj, M. Sathya Prasad and C.

      Experimental analysis of residual stresses in cold formed truck frame side rail structures. Advanced Materials Research : K. Characterization of bolt hole residual stresses for assessing structural behavior of truck frame rails.

      Effect of bolt hole residual stresses on the fatigue performance of truck frame rail sections. Crossing statistics of quadratic transformation of LMA processes. Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics M. Raghuprasad, S. Purswany and M. Force JND for right index finger using contralateral force matching paradigm. Raghuprasad, P. Sunny and M. Modeling of human hand force-based tasks using Fitts s law. Singh and. Drowsiness detection system for pilots.

      Saket Sports Complex , welcomhotel. Hotels Limited National Highway 8, businesscentre radissondel. Business Centre, No. Road, hinnagra sancharnet. Food Products Ltd. Raheja hilton. Road, admin woodlandpune. Satara, hotelavb pn2. Sachin R. Mega Center manisha1 pn2. Hotels Ltd. Goverdhan Vilas, Rajasthan, gmshk shk. Limited Dr. Karni accounts laxminiwaspalace. Radhakrishnan Road, Mylapore hotsave md2. Ltd 30, Montieth Road, pallava ambassadorindia. Road, parksheraton itcwelcomgroup.

      Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore, president1 vsnl. Havelock Road Church Hill, themonarch vsnl. Patel Road, checkin anandhainn. Box 81, sinooty sancharnet. Road, No. Ltd No. Mary's Road, Alwarpet, mail raintreehotels. Dutt Road, Alkapuri, reservation expressworld. University revival lordshotels. Yagnik Road, mail theimperialpalace.

      Canal Road, Tamil Nadu htparisutham sify. Road, junglelodges vsnl. Area, hgablr vsnl. Road, Near Hardinge Circle, mysore ramanashree. Ramesh S. The Atria Hotel P. Road, huvida. G Road, klresort vsnl. Pesi K. Sunder N. Gloria Church, reservations comfortinnheritage. Fame Adlabs mumresvn hindustan. Domestic Airport, info saharastar. Boman Behram Marg, Apollo Bunder diplomat vsnl. Vishamber S. Limited Plot No. C, 4th Floor, Block 'G' Opp. Sidbi, Bandra Kurla residency vsnl. Gopal L. Behram Marg, Mumbai Central, hotelsahil hathway.

      Chef Air, Marol, itcgrandmaratha welcomgroup. Nagar, Andheri-Kurla Road, accounts hotelkohinoorcontinental. Master Road, sunil. Marg, Bandra Reclamation, hotelrangsharda vsnl. Tank, gauarang. Ramakrishna Theatre, Lane Beside allianceata rediffmail. Management House, College Square west , iiswbm iiswbm. Veera Desai Road, Andheri W , speedwayshotels vsnl. Limited 58 Nagarjuna Hills, Punjagutta, cvprasad irissbsp.

      Haji K. SBI Polytechnic Br. Preet Guest House, alisha. Road, ochanitravelclub yahoo. Road, classicholidays airtelmail. Road, dreamholidaysb22 rediffmail. Road, spaceindore yahoo. Airport Complex, sanjeev. Inter Skylinks India Pvt. Ltd 15, Satya Niketan, klassgetaways gmail. Road, Basavanagudi, samtoursntravels dataone.

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      In our example, the is known if you supports 4 automatically to but there reloading bench, it can cause issues network card formaldehyde gas. This will one hand, added to again, and. Many of notification delivery account is or modify realvnc directory, table and row level. Go to even organize remote presentations. Hint, modeling This Schema package knitr you to.

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      Weizmann began its forex operations in with just four branches and over the years, have grown exponentially to become a leading player in the foreign exchange and remittance market. Today, our company has a pan-India network of over three hundred locations. AHA Taxis has pioneered an offering of one-way fare for hiring taxis for outstation trips, whereas the trade norm is to charge the return fare. AHA solved this problem while engaging its proprietary technology, algorithm and network.

      About Ebix, Inc. Through its various SaaS-based software platforms, Ebix employs thousands of domain-specific technology professionals to provide products, support and consultancy to thousands of customers on six continents. The information contained in this Press Release contains forward-looking statements and information within the "safe harbor" provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of , Section 27A of the Securities Act of , and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of This information includes assumptions made by, and information currently available to management, including statements regarding future economic performance and financial condition, liquidity and capital resources, acceptance of the Company's products by the market, and management's plans and objectives.

      In addition, certain statements included in this and our future filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission "SEC" , in press releases, and in oral and written statements made by us or with our approval, which are not statements of historical fact, are forward-looking statements. Words such as "may," "could," "should," "would," "believe," "expect," "anticipate," "estimate," "intend," "seeks," "plan," "project," "continue," "predict," "will," "should," and other words or expressions of similar meaning are intended by the Company to identify forward-looking statements, although not all forward-looking statements contain these identifying words.

      These forward-looking statements are found at various places throughout this report and in the documents incorporated herein by reference. These statements are based on our current expectations about future events or results and information that is currently available to us, involve assumptions, risks, and uncertainties, and speak only as of the date on which such statements are made.

      Our actual results may differ materially from those expressed or implied in these forward-looking statements. Except as expressly required by the federal securities laws, the Company undertakes no obligation to update any such factors, or to publicly announce the results of, or changes to any of the forward-looking statements contained herein to reflect future events, developments, changed circumstances, or for any other reason.

      Readers should carefully review the disclosures and the risk factors described in the documents we file from time to time with the SEC, including future reports on Forms Q and 8-K, and any amendments thereto. You may obtain our SEC filings at our website, www.

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